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So you now know how to write your free ads on Google with your title and your Meta Description now not saying that you'll rank but that's the first step is to get good titles and good Meta descriptions and at the end, Meta tags analyzing is a very important step too.
In the blog post, we have a little screenshot of that progressive and you can actually click on that in the blog post we made it really easy and it'll make it really big so you can see the Title and the Meta Description.

Now let's look at optimizing that Meta text what they are and you have a sense of what they do you want to talk about optimizing them and it's really pretty straightforward and we can look at progressives page for instance to see that optimization. So for your non-home pages especially your key landing pages those are the pages that reflect your target searches and are really meant to show and rank on Google for those searches so your path your process is first identifying the keyword target that you're targeting.  Secondly, you want to write a keyword heavy title tag and the limit here is 59 visible characters about 80 are indexed on Google and then you want to write a strong Meta Description tag your limit here is 155 characters and at the end analyze that keyword with the help of Meta Tags Analyzing tool.


Why Meta Tags Analyzing is so important

Let's go over to Google and let's type in motorcycle insurance just to stay on this one very simple search and let's go from Google to the progressive page which is our number one our gold medalist.
Let's right click, view page source CTR F and find their title and then let's just sort and go over to letter account and let's pop that in here and you're going to see that it's 59 characters so they've written a really perfect title tag that is under the character limit of 59 it actually will work till about 80 characters.
But really those first 59 are all and critical because those are what shows on Google. Now let's look at their Meta Description and you're going to see that it's about 155 characters notice how they put the keyword phrase into that meta description and they've given them some ideas with the number one motorcycle insurance company. They don't say ride with the number 12 motorcycle insurance company get more savings.  They don't say spend more money they've written it with a little keyword.

So it's got the keywords in there but it's exciting and it really describes their offering in a kind of a nice way as it were you can also go look at some other searches and you'll also see that people have done those that met tag work as well here's a nice one number one reverse you know who wants to use the number 12 or the number 16 right the number 1 that's their title tag that's their Meta Description tag so it's the it's the only one it's really we mean it's the only meta tags description and analyzing that produces instant and accurate loan computes the only one right it's got to be true because you read it on Google but what you want to realize is that they wrote.

Importance of Meta Tags Analyzing

So as you're writing your landing pages you want to put those keywords into the Title tagless than fifty-nine characters put those keywords into the Meta Description tag less than 155 characters.
You can see the example of motorcycle insurance you can go see and do it the keywords meta tag is optional doesn't hurt doesn't help you.
Now let's talk for a second about your homepage and you want to think long and hard about your homepage because the same rules apply it's just your homepage is really the queen bee it's really your core foundational keyword query what you're really going after so if you take a look at progressive and you this is their homepage this little bit of a redirect there but it's still their home page.
So it's view page source and let's find out here so they are saying progressive right that's their title meta tag progressive ranked one of the best insurance companies and notice how they're an insurance company right they got that in there and they didn't call themselves the worst right ranked one of the worst right ones of the lamest. Now they call themselves the best Title Keyword and then here's their Meta Description get insurance online from progressive now if you Google progressive insurance that will often become the description here as well oftentimes now we also have a link to Mega Tags Analyzer and you can check out Mega Tags Analyzer.

You'll see here you can right click view page source look for that title and Meta Description so where's the title here if you have trouble finding it type Ctrl F put title there it is so it's an insurance company for your car motorcycle see those keywords in there and then look for the description so they have meditative Mega Tags Analyzer  government employees insurance companies been providing affordable look at that they don't provide unaffordable auto insurance car auto right so you can see they've done that and if you search Mega Tags Analyzer Tool  just go to Google and just put in Mega Tags Analyzer tool you'll see here that that's the Meta Description company with the Meta Description tag and that's our title tag so the home page is really special if you want good ranking.